At Inclusion Connections, we are transforming our community one person, one business at a time through advocacy, education, and conversation. We are focused on bringing to light the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, and working together to improve their lives. Through innovative, year-round programming which addresses the unique needs of each participant, we are helping them build skills to achieve greater independence. Inclusion Connections’ vision is to bring real and lasting change in the hearts and minds of our community.
  • Innovation and Inclusion: we are determined to be on the forefront of the movement to improve the lives of those with developmental disabilities. We offer programming that enriches the lives of our participants, always looking for ways to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Promoting Community Involvement:  as we interface with local businesses, organizations, leaders and community members, we are working to transform our community into one which actively embraces its citizens with developmental disabilities. 
  • Developing Full Potential:  through PawsAbilities skills training and job placement program, young adults are obtaining paid employment while we continue to encourage healthy habits and support them with access to the arts and social opportunities. 
  • A Bright Future on the Horizon: to better serve the young adults we serve, we are moving forward to fulfill our mission to create more options for independent living through the KC Supportive Living Initiative, BelongKC.

Inclusion Connections, established in 2013, offers youth and young adults with developmental disabilities year-round programming addressing skills needed to reach full potential. Programs include Healthy Living (fitness, cooking, life skills), CreateAbility (art, theater, music, dance), EmployAbility (PawsAbilities skills training, employment readiness classes, job placement, and transportation assistance), and a Summer Program/Camp.

PawsAbilities training provides students with translatable job skills by making dog treats, toys and other products which are sold through the Paws website (, onsite store, and mobile pop-up store. Individuals are placed in community-based jobs matching skills and preferences, with ongoing support for employers and employees.

In 2021 BelongKC was launched, an initiative to create a supportive living campus where young adults with developmental disabilities can become more independent, thriving in career growth and continuing education opportunities. This project is critically needed in our community, addressing a genuine housing crisis. Our goal is to create a supportive campus where individuals have choices and receive necessary supports. A capital campaign to support BelongKC is currently underway. 

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